Our Goals


Since all of our country's problems reflect accurately all those of the countries who share the same system of government, our system of government is most certainly the very cause of all our problems, and the constant praise of democratic and republican values, as attractive as they may be, actually masks the weaknesses they produce. So it is by focusing on the very foundations of our problems, that we shall truly understand them and improve our society. The term “Royalist” reflects in itself that desire to improve the quality of life and ensure a bright future for all through the reform of many aspects of our modern societies.
Here is a first list of our goals:

1. Development of a strong and lasting peace with our neighboring countries through a close and privileged economic cooperation in the form of a Regional Economic Alliance (or Commonwealth).
2. Repatriation, gathering and integration into the land of Israel of all the people of Israel and all its expatriates.
3. Regeneration of a national and international consciousness around the fundamental Jewish values and their importance for all Mankind.
4. Preservation of the Jewish identity of the land of Israel.
5. Maintaining and strengthening a parliamentary system guaranteeing individual freedom of thought as well as the rights and values of its citizens and residents.
6. Equality of rights and duties of all citizens and residents, without any basic discrimination.
7. Creation of a Council of the Elders of Israel.
8. Reform of the prison system.
9. Housing reform.
10. Freedom and accountability of the Press.
11. Modernization of our security and intelligence services.
12. Help for religious institutions.
13. Tax reform and simplification of the tax and taxation system.
14. Cancellation of the National Lottery.
15. Preservation of an economic system based on free trade independent of direct state interference and improvement of the general economic growth.
16. Refinement and provision for free of the education system at all levels for all citizens.
17. Improvement and provision for free of all health services for all citizens.
18. Revaluation of the pension rights.
19. Creation of a consumer protection office.
20. Creation of a food purity agency.
21. Protection and improvement of the quality of the environment and control of all nuisances (noise, pollution, etc.).
22. Development of uninhabited areas and development of disadvantaged neighborhoods.
23. Development of Space Research and definition of new scientific objectives.
24. Integration of minority populations into the public administration.
25. Preservation of public and individual safety.
26. Preservation and adjustment of the National Service for Citizens and Residents in the Army and Public Services.

For more details, please see the Constitution of the Party.