The party is named "Royalist Party of Israel"


The Royalist Party of Israel is a humanist party. Its objective is to ensure a sane modernization of the State of Israel by protecting the fundamental human values and identity values of its citizens from democratic liberalism. The Royalist Party of Israel aims to promote the values and mechanisms of a harmonious royalist society, better able to protect the basic values necessary for the development of a healthy and intelligent society.


1. Our Books make us understand the deep original ties between Ishmael and Israel and the final awakening of the Arab nations who will restore the sacred Covenant between the true descendants of Abraham. Thus, the Royalist Party of Israel aims to develop a strong and lasting peace with the neighboring countries of Israel and the Arab world through close and privileged economic cooperation in the form of a Regional Economic Alliance (or Commonwealth). The Royalist Party believes that a stronger economic relationship with our direct neighbors is the smart way to significantly increase not only the state's economy, but also to increase and consolidate regional peace and prosperity. Therefore, the Royalist Party's agenda includes in its priorities the creation of a Regional Economic Alliance between the State of Israel and its neighboring countries, defined by "Mideast Commonwealth". Such an economic alliance must first involve military and security cooperation in order to issue and preserve countries wishing to join the Commonwealth of any local or regional terrorist organization.

2. The name of Israel, the People of Israel and the land of Israel can only be defined by the original texts of the Torah, so the ownership of the land of Israel by the People of Israel remains clear, even if other peoples may also have the right to reside there, as it was always the case. Thus, the repatriation, assembly and reintegration of all members of the people of Israel and of all its expatriates into Israel remains a priority for the Royalist Party of Israel.

3. Since Democratic Liberalism tends to promote social progress at the expense of basic human values, the Royalist Party of Israel aims to regenerate a National and International Consciousness around Israel's fundamental values and their importance to all Mankind. The Royalist Party believes that the reorientation of the study of the Torah towards its intrinsic understanding is at the basis of the national awareness necessary to resolve most of the fundamental problems of our society.

4. The Israelite people in the land of Israel in the State of Israel can only evolve and flourish as such. Thus the Royalist Party is the defender of the Preservation of the Jewish identity of the land of Israel.

5. Contrary to the misconceptions instilled by Democratic education, the royalist system is in no way a despotic system, nor even, like most democracies, a camouflaged dictatorial system, since a King, by definition, has the role of defending and guaranteeing the identity, values and well-being of his people, even if history shows us how many kings abused their positions and turned into despots thus betraying their duties as sovereigns. This is how the Royalist Party is for maintaining and strengthening a parliamentary system guaranteeing individual freedom of thought as well as the rights and values of man and of the citizen.

6. Just as our Books remind us how to respect the stranger, having been strangers ourselves in foreign lands, the Royalist Party supports the equality of rights and duties of all citizens and residents, without any basic discrimination. Free access to justice services and the cancellation of the obligation to be represented by a lawyer will also be reintroduced.

7. Abolition of all forms of homosexual propaganda. Homosexuality is the most basic form of rebellion against Nature and against the very Essence of Life. It is one of the oldest forms of abominations Israel have always fought and through which the worst enemies of Israel and of Mankind always took form and always sought to lead civilizations to their own self-destruction. Homosexuality openly displayed in the Land of Israel is an Insult to everything Israel represents and one of the most serious dangers to the moral stability of our people and of all Mankind. Therefore, the Royalist Party of Israel includes in its priorities to forbid any form of homosexual propaganda or promotion within the Israeli society, while providing assistance to the victims of homosexuality and of all forms of sexual disorders and abominations that result from it.

8. Just as it is mentioned in our Books to always seek the advice of our elders for any important decision, the Royalist Party's objective is the creation of a "Senate" or "Council of the elders of Israel". The Program of the Royalist Party includes in its priorities the creation of a moral authority composed of the most eminent of the elder citizens of the people of Israel. The role of this Council of Elders will be to maintain the Symbiosis between our modern societies and the fundamental values of the People of Israel. It will be able to overturn decisions that endanger these values. It will be a national council. It will be at the same level of the Supreme Court of Justice and will be able to replace it ultimately.

9. Reform of the prison system. The prison system of the State of Israel, which is similar to that of all other Democracies, does not take into account the true rehabilitation of prisoners who have little or no chance of improving themselves, and therefore of compensating the Society for their crimes. The current prison system is not effective enough towards the violence, crime and bestiality it promotes through the inhumane conditions in which inmates often have to reside together. Therefore, the Royalist Party's agenda includes in its priorities the creation of educational towns and villages where prisoners will be regrouped under normal conditions and will have to live a decent life in order to successfully re-educate themselves as decent human beings. The current prison structures will be transformed into transitional centers and other necessary administrative buildings ...

10. Housing reform. In a system of free economy, the government has no right to limit the possibility of its citizens to increase their financial power. However, as the interest of the State is also to protect and promote the well-being and happiness of its citizens, the Royalist Party's agenda includes in its priorities the construction of quality housing available at much lower prices and much better conditions than those in the current market . An apartment will have to be available for a third of its current value. A series of rules will have to be applied around the acquisition and resale of these dwellings, guaranteeing the objective of enabling the poorest to own their homes.

11. With the Press having a very important role to play in defending Truth and Freedom in society, the Royalist Party understands in its priorities to free the Press from any external or governmental influence. However, since the Press has a very strong power of influence, all its bodies will have to be fully responsible for their own publications.

12. The sending of explorers to the land of Canaan, mentioned in our Books, teaches us the crucial importance and the mechanisms of State Intelligence. This is how the Royalist Party has among its main objectives the modernization of our security and intelligence services at all levels, to provide them with everything they need to protect the interests and the security of the State and of its citizens. This includes significantly increasing the wages of the members of the Intelligence community and improving their working conditions. A national holiday, "The Day of the Unknown Soldier," will be created in memory of these hidden heroes who work and fall into the shadows to enable our society to survive. A Crisis Management Office will be established to provide security, humanitarian and financial assistance to citizens and businesses in all crisis situations.

13. Aid to religious institutions. The Royalist Party is not a religious party, but intends to promote the Jewish values ​​explained in the very books that our religious institutions managed to preserve and study. Therefore, the Royalist Party's program includes financial, logistical and political support to all Torah Study Centers which aim to understand and explain the scriptures of both the written and oral Torah (including the learning and teaching centers of the Noachide Laws). The Royalist Party's program must also include the protection of all holy places.

14. Tax reform and simplification of the tax and taxation system. The complexity of the current tax system favors corruption and individual enslavement through constant and very expensive pressure at all levels of our Society. The tax system will have to be gradually and completely reformed, starting with the immediate abolition of the VAT and social charges. Gradually, only a 10% tax will be levied on the gross income of all individuals and businesses, resulting in the cancellation of any complex and expensive accounting.

15. Cancellation of the National Lottery and privatization and regularization of the Gaming Houses and Casinos.

16. Preservation an economic system based on free trade, independent of any direct State interference and  development of general economic growth. Preservation of a minimum basic wage allowing a decent life for the most deprived citizens. Allocation of a basic salary to any housewife responsible for maintaining family balance. Help and assistance for businesses in difficulty. Cancellation of property taxes for individuals.

17. Free and improved education at all levels for all citizens. Synchronization of teaching hours with those of working life.

18. Free and improved health services at all levels for all citizens. Restoration of an independent quality private health service.

19. In a so-called "liberal," "modern" or "democratic" system of society, families no longer take in and care for their elders, as they always did for millennia in most kingdoms. This is all the more explained by the fact that the principle of Family, or "family system", is indeed on the brink of extinction in our modern societies. Thus, the Royalist Party aims to work on a global revaluation of the pensions funds and on supporting any family wishing to give its elders the opportunity to end their days decently and among their children.

20. Israel's rich experience with people of low morality as well as the many laws of the Torah protecting ethics in commerce, lead us to understand the importance of morality in economics and trade. This is how the Royalist Party plans to set up a Consumer Protection Office and to establish a license of Ethics for professional activity. This license, which will be granted unconditionally to any professional, will allow the owner to practice the profession of his choice but may be withdrawn if he is found guilty of voluntary actions aimed at defrauding his customers, employers or suppliers. 

21. No need to mention how much our Books emphasize the crucial importance of the rules about food and eating. This is how the Royalist Party plans to create an Office for the Purity of Food. Privatization of Kosher certification services will remain allowed, but as corruption tends to evolve more easily in a system where Kosher certifications are exchanged for money, the Royalist Party's agenda includes in its priorities the creation of an office for the Purity of Food and a police department specializing in combating all forms of corruption in this field. The re-establishment of private markets will be authorized to encourage all local natural food production.

22. Protection and improvement the of the quality of the environment and control of all nuisances (noise, pollution, etc.). The Royalist Party considers the protection of the fauna and flora of the Land of Israel as a protection of the hidden heritage of the people of Israel. The Royalist Party considers strengthening the protection of the citizens and residents of Israel against excessive noise and waste of energy. Delivery times for goods in populated areas will be synchronized with local traffic.
23. Development of uninhabited areas and development of disadvantaged neighborhoods. The Royalist Party includes in its priorities to exploit the vast area of the Negev and to regulate the increase of the Bedouin settlements in the south of the country, particularly along the borders, favoring today the infiltration of illegal immigrants, all trafficking networks and potential terrorism. The Royalist Party also plans to develop disadvantaged neighborhoods at health, economic, security and social levels, regardless of the ethnic populations that reside there.
24. Development of Space Research and the definition of new scientific objectives.
25. Integration of minority populations into the State's public administration.
26. Maintaining and improving public and individual safety.

27. Maintaining and adjusting the National Service for Citizens and Residents in the Army and Public Services. The National Service should neither interrupt nor terminate the studies of members of religious communities. They may either be exempted from the National Service to continue their studies or continue their studies within the National Service, then benefiting from additional financial support to that of the religious education organization to which they belong. Aware of the great diversity of its members and the commitment of the members of these religious communities, the National Service will have to separate them from the rest of its staff.


1. Any citizen or resident of the State of Israel over the age of 17 may become a member of the Royalist Party if he shares its ideals.

2. Membership fees are set at 200 shekels per year. The membership period is the same for all members and extends from the first to the last day of the Jewish year. The fees can be paid in cash or bank check at the Royalist Party headquarters or by the means of payment made available on the Website of the Royalist Party at the following address: or, under the heading "Become a Royalist". Each new member will receive a Party cockade that they will be invited to wear constantly.

3. All members must accept the membership clauses, available at the Party Headquarters and on its official website ( or

4. Any member is free to cancel his membership at any time under written or oral official notification 

5. The membership of the Royalist Party may be canceled or revoked in the following cases:

- If the member is registered as a member of a different political party.
- If the member belongs to a competing organization or to an organization with ideals opposed to those of the Royalist Party.
- If the member is a sympathizer to any enemy organization of the People of Israel.
- If the member behaves in a manner that harms the Party, damages its reputation or the reputation of one of its official members
- If the member is found guilty of any criminal action or corruption.
- If the member does not pay his annual fees.
- If another member objects to its membership.

6. The founding members of the Royalist Party will immediately act as judges and form the first tribunal of the Party validating all decisions relating to the functioning of the Party and the implementation of its projects, until the appointment of other members deemed fit to serve on the Tribunal as auxiliary judges, depending on the evolution of the Party and the increase of the number of its members. Regulations relating to the operation of the tribunal and the election of its members will be defined at a later date.

7. Any member, even a volunteer, may be remunerated for specific actions. (Only the President of the Party can validate it or delegate it to a member of the Bureau of his choice)

8. The present regulations of will be made available to all at the Party's headquarters, in all its official branches and on the Party's official website, or


1. The founding members of the Party form the Party's bureau, leading and overseeing the smooth running of the Party at all levels.
2. The Party's bureau will be composed by:

- The President of the Party whose role will be to represent the Party in all acts of civil life (conventions, public relations, signing contracts, hiring, sales, purchases, banks, etc.) and to supervise the general functioning of the Party. He will have to ensure the execution of the decisions of the General Assembly, including those to defend the interests of the Party in Justice. He will have the right to reverse any decision and to validate any project against any decision. He will be the only one to bear all the civil and penal responsibility of the Party. He will have the right to take any precautionary action, in this case to suspend the members of the Bureau from their duties.
- The Vice-President of the Party whose role will be to assist the Party President and replace him when he is absent or unable to carry out his duties as President; he will assume the role of Party spokesperson. He will have the power to replace the treasurer in his duties in the event of his unavailability.
- The Treasurer of the Party whose role will be to establish, under his responsibility, the Party's accounts. It will be responsible for collecting the membership fees and will proceed, under the control of the President, to the payment of the expenses and the receipt of revenues. He will be required to maintain accounting records and establish the annual accounts. He will be the only one with the President to have the signature on the Party's bank accounts.
- The Secretary of the Party whose role will be to keep and classify records, minutes, statements, summonses, general meetings and assemblies' records. He will also be in charge of all party correspondence and of the animation of the party's official website.
- The Director of Security and Intelligence whose role will be to coordinate the security of the members of the Bureau and of the Party at any public or private event. It will only work directly under the instructions of the President and Vice-President.

3. A Department of Palestinian Affairs, headed by a special agent, will have the role of ensuring relations between the Party and the Palestinian and Arab institutions in Israel. This department will report directly to the President and the Vice-President of the Party.

4. Any member of the Bureau may delegate, under his full responsibility, to others of his choice the power to perform certain specified acts provided that they are referred to the other members of the Bureau who will have to validate his decision.

5. The composition of the members of the Office, including the President and the Vice-President, will be recorded in a separate document.



1. Members of the Office will consult informally to ensure the smooth running of the Bureau and of the Party. The rest of the functioning of the Bureau will be presented at a later date.
2. Party members will meet annually. The rest of the Party's operations will be presented at a later date.
3. An external and independent auditor will monitor the accounts and operation of the Party, in accordance with the Law.